BitTorrent For Mac 7.4.3

July 29, 2020 - BitTorrent Inc (Freeware)
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BitTorrent for Mac is a peer-to-peer protocol designed to transfer files. Users connect directly to send and receive portions of a file, while a central tracker coordinates the action of all peers and manages connections without knowledge of the contents of the files being distributed.

With BitTorrent, users upload at the same time they download, so network bandwidth is managed as efficiently as possible. The tool is designed to work better than other file-transfer protocols as the number of people interested in a certain file increases.

BitTorrent For Mac Software

BitTorrent is a free and cross-platform client for the popular BitTorrent protocol. The application is very easy-to-use and compact, yet powerful and feature-rich.

Download large files with the easy-to-use BitTorrent client for macOS. Enjoy fast speeds, a simple interface, powerful options, and more. Get started now with free, unlimited downloading.

BitTorrent’s main window consists of a left sidebar that displays all / downloaded / completed and other torrents, the torrent status panel, and the tab with information about general details, trackers, files, peers and speed. The main window is highly intuitive and follows the layout pattern of the most well-known BitTorrent clients.


BitTorrent For Mac Features

  • Ultra-fast file delivery: Move big files quickly and efficiently. The technology breaks big files down into small pieces. The files are then downloaded, piece by piece, from one or many different sources. Since the files are broken down into tiny bites, you use less bandwidth. Which means your downloads move a lot faster.
  • Free, unlimited downloading: Download gigabytes. Download terabytes. Distribute petabytes. With Bit Torrent for Mac, there are no limits to the number of files you can download or the amount of data you can move.
  • Instant play on in-progress downloads: Watch while you download. You don’t need to wait for your files to finish downloading to start using them. Press play on media files, and watch, listen or read them as you download.
  • Built-in bandwidth booster: Optimize speed for your connection. The app auto-adjusts bandwidth usage, based on your network and Internet connection, to ensure fast file delivery. Your downloads run in the background. Which means they’ll never slow down video chats or gameplay.

The client comes with a rich Preferences window that enables you to configure all of BitTorrent’s internal settings. From this window, you can adjust settings regarding the bandwidth, directories, network, scheduler, remote, and paired devices.

This application provides multiple skins and replacements for the icons, toolbar graphics, as well as status icons. If your language is not supported, you can easily add your own or improve existing translations.

The BitTorrent client is a mature and constantly developed application for peer-to-peer transfers using the BitTorrent protocol. It is ready to be used out of the box by “casual users”, but also highly configurable through its many advanced options.

Pros And Cons of BitTorrent For Mac

Pros Cons
Easy to use and navigate Limited search function
Set download preferences
Schedule downloads
Lightweight program

System Requirements

Operating System Mac OS 10.6 to 10.14

Technical Specification

Software Name Magican Software For Mac V 7.4.3
File Size 17.27 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer BitTorrent Inc


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