CINEBENCH R20 Benchmark Software R20

December 30, 2019 - MAXON Computer (Free)
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CINEBENCH is a famous benchmark and stress testing application that relies on its advanced algorithms to extract every bit of performance out of all modern X86 and X64 CPU cores. Available on both Windows and Mac platforms, the tool is today praised as one of the most popular and widely used benchmarking applications.

With decades of experience in computer technology space, this benchmarking app has managed to establish itself as one of the most important benchmarking platforms for evaluating the speed and stability of modern CPUs. It is a valuable tool for enabling more informed purchase decisions, stability testing, optimizing manufacturing, workflow evaluation and much more.

Cinebench Release 20

In addition to testing CPU cores (with support from cheapest single-core products to the most advanced 256 thread enterprise CPUs), CINEBENCH can also be used to test graphics card performance. This is done via a separate test that is focused on one highly detailed 3D scene (featuring more than 1 million polygons, high-resolution textures, and various graphical effects) that is rendered using the cross-platform capable OpenGL API.

Installation and Use

The program comes in a single installation package that can be easily handled by users of all knowledge levels. Simply unpack the ZIP archive, place it anywhere on your local storage and start the app. Upon first boot, you will be presented with the simple user interface that is separated into two main parts – a control area on the left and the much larger rendering canvas on the right.

The main tools of the app are the two “Run” buttons that initiate benchmarking tests for both CPU and GPU. The faster the CPU or GPU scenes are rendered, the better score you will get. Below those buttons, you will see the listing of your detected hardware components, and below a result listing that showcases not only your previous runs but also results from comparable hardware. This way, you can easily compare your results between runs, and compare your results with the scores of other CPUs that are currently sold on the market.

Be aware that the score of your CPU or GPU may be affected if you are running resource-intensive apps or OS services in the background. To ensure the best possible results, it is recommended to restart your PC before running CINEBENCH. Always install the latest graphics card drivers before attempting to run a GPU benchmark.

CINEBENCH features a user-friendly interface that notifies you that you simply need to press a button in order to start a rendering test, be it an OpenGL or a CPU one. Depending on your hardware, the test might take several minutes to complete, and it is advisable not to use the computer too intensively during this time.

Once the rendering process is finished, your CPU or graphic card (depending on the type of test you performed) is given a rating – and you can compare this value to the ones received by other users who have similar computers.

CPU Performance Test

CINEBENCH Benchmark Software Features

  • Accurate and reliable CPU and GPU benchmarks.
  • Stress all available cores of your CPU, no matter if you have 1 CPU thread or 256 of them.
  • Stress-test your PC to find whether or not it can run stable for prolonged periods of time.
  • Real-time score output and easy way of comparing scores between your runs.
  • Supports all the latest CPU architectures currently in use.
  • The oldest supported CPU architectures on PC – Intel Pentium 4, Athlon 64.
  • The oldest supported CPU architecture on Mac – Core 2 Solo.

Who Should Use Maxon Cinebench?

Anyone who needs to evaluate hardware performance should add Maxon Cinebench to the test tool arsenal. System administrators can use Cinebench to help make purchase decisions, journalists can use the results in reviewing hardware, hardware manufacturers may utilize the feedback in optimizing their latest products. Any computer owner can evaluate his or her individual system. Unlike abstract benchmarks, which only test specific functions of CPUs or GPUs, Cinebench offers a real-world benchmark that incorporates a user’s common tasks within CINEMA 4D to measure a system’s performance. For those who have to do a serious amount of testing Cinebench also provides a command-line option, allowing users to run automated test procedures.

What’s New In CINEBENCH Benchmark Software

  • Cinebench R20 uses a much larger and more complex test scene than R15, requiring about 8x the computational power needed to render it. The test also requires about 4x the memory. Therefore, R15 and R20 results cannot be compared.
  • Cinebench R20 and Cinema 4D R20 incorporate the latest rendering architectures, including the integration of Intel’s Embree raytracing technology and advanced features on modern CPUs from AMD and Intel that allow users to render the same scene on the same hardware twice as fast as previously.
  • Cinebench R20 provides improved benchmark accuracy for current and next-generation CPUs to test if a machine runs stable on a high-CPU load, if the cooling solution of a desktop or notebook is sufficient for longer-running tasks to deliver the full potential of the CPU, and if a machine is able to handle demanding real-life 3D tasks.
  • Cinebench R20 does not test GPU performance.
  • Cinebench R20 will not launch on unsupported processors. On systems lacking sufficient RAM to load the test scene, a warning will be displayed and the CPU benchmark will not be executed.
  • Background tasks can significantly influence measurement and create diverse results. It’s always a good idea to shut down all running programs and disable any virus checking or disk indexing but it’s impossible to eliminate all background processes. Modern operating systems perform various background tasks that cannot or should not be disabled, even though they could have a minor influence on the results.

System Requirements of  CINEBENCH Benchmark Software

Operating System MacOS 10.11.6 or higher 64-bit
Processor CPU running on Intel-based Apple Macintosh or AMD 64-bit CPU with SSE3
Memory 4 GB RAM

Technical Specification

Software Name CINEBENCH Benchmark Software For Windows V R20
File Size 192 MB
License Free
Language English
Developer MAXON Computer

In addition, CINEBENCH Benchmark allows you to choose the number of render threads they want to use, if you are not pleased with the default application settings, as the software supports up to 64 processor threads.

CINEBENCH Benchmark Software is a freeware application that can assess your PC and can help you decide when it is time to upgrade your CPU or your graphics card if their performance levels are no longer satisfactory. The interface lets you quickly accommodate and the comparison view lets you know what is a wise choice for an upgrade.

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